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Growing you business just got smarter. Let's do this!

Pour, stir, sip.. ahh.


Let's dig-in to learn all that we can about the project, market and your product. Gathering Requirements is the key to success.


We develop concepts and proofs that will give you visual aid, no matter if it is building a site, to crafting a functional chart of accounts.


We use flexible, agile methods to bring your project to production. We produce quality results that stem growth for you company.

Our services

We are doing a few things you might be interested in

Full Service Marketing

Look, one guy on your marketing team can do a lot. But he can't do everything. We believe in discovering the needs and opportunities and making sure the right people are in the right place to rock out your message. Design, Copy, SEO, Analysis, Lead Gen & more.

Technology & Data

Need IT support, installation, new ideas to save overhead with modern and better tech? Or perhaps you're looking for help with creating a scalable database of your users / clients. Let's talk. Web maintenance, VoIP, more.

Online Bookkeeping

This is truly the way to go. With online bookkeeping through Xero, you have access to your numbers when you need them, however you need them. We manage the process so you don't have to.

Business Administration

We all clearly need better organization. As small businesses though, hiring personnel is expensive! Not to mention the right person with the right skill set. That's where we come in, taking care of business, everyday, for you - for a fraction of the costs of a full-time staff member.

Whenever... you are facing a contradiction,
check your premises.

About us

Ambitious, Idea generators, helping others grow


Full Service

Premise majors in three main areas of business development: Marketing, Technology, and Accounting. Like a great cross functional team, combining these elements helps us maximize support to start-ups, small businesses, and non-profits. Our approach is simple, yet our process is layered with iterations of discovery, drafting, and development. One of our goals is to make your business work for you; smarter, not harder.


Most agree that enough is enough; put down the pen, the test is over... right? But what if we got it wrong? What if our premise of doing is for the sake of something else, instead of the sake and beauty of just... doing? Follow me. I am not saying that we do not work our butts off for a result, be it a monetary, time, or other gain.


Our Coffee tank is low...

Our plans

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Had I not contacted Premise, I would no longer be in business.

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