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Kick the Computer

IT support is a absolute must for your growing organization. But hiring full-time skilled staff can become an expensive liability. Reduce your expenses, and increase the efficiency of your IT environment. Our team at Premise looks for ways to design and implement new technology for clients that will improve their operations. Typically, we find that clients just want things to "work". Who doesn't, right? But when the computer is old, the software antiquated, and the operating system expensive and locks you in, it is time to call Premise and make some changes.

Cost comparison

Imagine hiring one full-time IT staff at a very reasonable 40k salary. Tack on top PTO, FICA, UE costs, and more and now your company is spending upwards of 55-60k a year! Hire Premise and get more for less.

What We Do:

  • Meet with you in a consultation to review your current needs and explore technology that will help.
  • You choose a value-based plan that fits your budget and needs.
  • We slave away to support your business through staff training meetings, updates on changes in the tech environment, and oversee any IT policies implemented under our direction.

We specialize in finding, building or implementing technology that gives your business great flexibility and meets compliance regulations.


Some features that we think are pretty useful

Workstation Support

Whether you have 10 or 100 workstations, we can support your tech environment. Each workstation is defined as an individual computer station. We support Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Chrome OS. Setup your Active Directory, manage permissions and support the machines against viruses and sluggish response times.


Most organizations need security camera support. Most of the time, it is to protect against external threats. At other times, recordings in secure areas prevents fraud and threat from employees. We can implement the right IP camera solution for your company, viewable from within and outside your secure network.

Network hardware Installations

Upgrading to VoIP phones? Or perhaps you are simply adding more workstations to your growing business. Our team of professionals at Premise can install a clean and functional network solution including racking, cabling, switches, panels and servers in your operating environment so you can stay connected.

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A La Carte

$69per hour

  • Email Support
  • Ad Hoc projects
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

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$525per month

  • 0-10 Workstations
  • Active Directory support
  • Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Chrome, iOS, Android
  • 10 Email accounts
    (included, $80 value)
  • Chat, phone Email support
  • -
  • MORE!

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$1245per month

  • 10-25 workstations
  • Apps deployment
  • File Server management
  • Remote Support
  • 25 email accounts
    (included, $200 value)
  • Security Cam assistance
  • Google Apps support
  • MORE!

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$2250per month

  • 25+* workstations
  • User-remote access
  • VPN support
  • 25+* emails
  • Staff Trainings
  • Google Apps script development
  • VoIP support
  • MORE!

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We are excited to support your IT infrastructure!